The “Esaad” card was launched on the 13th of March of the year 2017, as a qualitative, societal and humanitarian initiative, unique in its offers, distinctive in its discounts, inclusive in its content of all sectors covering the basic and luxury aspects of the life of cardholders, thus contributing to achieving financial savings. In education, health, housing, food supply, restaurants, amusement parks, hotels, tourism, travel, commercial complexes, and everything that goes into family needs.

Esaad Card

Since its launch, the “Esaad” card has succeeded in obtaining special and exclusive offers, achieving financial savings for its holders of up to 70% as a maximum, and 20% as a minimum, and the members of the “Esaad” card committee are still continuing their efforts to delight customers by attracting the best offers and choosing places that bring them happiness.

The efforts of the committee members went beyond their ambition to make customers happy, to include launching humanitarian initiatives that made a difference in the lives of others, and ignited a glimmer of hope in their souls, thus skipping many success stories that set an example to follow, and urged others to participate in spreading happiness.


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