Medical Developments International

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Lipomed Services to Health

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AMW, Germany

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Basi Laboratories

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Msn Laboratories

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Fusion Apothecary Pharmacy & Compounding Lab

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SyriMed, UK

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Distributors – MENA Region

Distributor network of Pharma Solutions


Pharma Solutions USA Inc

Pharma Solutions, is a subsidiary of Pharma Solutions LLC in Dubai. We are in the process of acquiring marketing authorizations for selected products for the USA market.

Fast Track Solutions, UAE

A sister concern of Pharma Solutions, FTS is a recruitment consultant and service provider for leading Healthcare Institutes and Hospitals. FTS has a strong data base of Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Paramedics etc and provides customized recruitment solutions in the UAE.

Al Monjed Medical Solutions, Jordan

Based in Amman, Jordan, Al-Monjed markets and distributes specialty products to various Government and Private Hospitals. Backed up with a professional team, Al Monjed has excellent contacts in the Government-sector Tenders.

Pharma Solutions, Egypt

Pharma Solutions, Egypt is a subsidiary of Pharma Solutions LLC in Dubai. Pharma Solutions, Egypt markets and distributes Bx-Vitality powder to Bariatric Surgeons and Oncologists. Pharma Solutions, Egypt has a dedicated marketing and operations team based in El-Zamalak, Cairo, Egypt.