Lipomed, Switzerland

LIPOMED is a private Swiss Health Care Company. Lipomed is one of the leading companies for Reference Standards worldwide and specialized in the research, development and manufacturing of ethical pharmaceuticals and products for the treatment of rare diseases.
Pharma Solution has recently become Lipomed exclusive agent in UAE, KSA, Egypt, Iraq, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and Syria.
Iron chelating agent
Irofin (Deferiprone) 500mgFilm coated tablets
Rare forms of Leukemia or Lymphoma
LITAK ((Cladribine) 2mg/mlSolution for Injection
Dacin (Dacarbazine) 100mg and 200mgPowder for Solution for injection or infusion
Myrin (thalidomide) 50mg and 100mgSugar coated tablets
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