Pharma Solutions prioritizes compliance standards in all its business interactions. Our team is well-versed with the highest and most robust standards demanded by multinationals and take cautious measures to adhere to all regulatory requirements. From our storage facility regulations to logistics, quality assurance and sales, Pharma Solutions adheres to all necessary compliance measures and legalities that are needed to carry out smooth and efficient operations as a pharmaceutical distribution company in the MENA region.


We’ve got the A-team to commercialize your innovative drugs and carry out the distribution of these pharmaceutical products in the Gulf region. With Pharma Solutions, you can solidify your founding steps in the healthcare market and arrive as a new-age brand in your niche.

Our extended partnerships and associations ensure an efficient and streamlined process to bring out your pharmaceutical and healthcare brands in the best light in the commercial arena.


As an extended pharmaceutical marketing agency, we help you display your full potential as a healthcare/new-age pharmaceuticals brand in the GCC and MENA region. With an efficient team working to enhance your innovative products, we can help you adopt the best marketing strategies and follow custom-fit service models. With Pharma Solutions you can identify the right target customers and associate with the right partners to effectively market your products.


Our infrastructure supports all prerequisites for the safe handling and distribution of all semi-controlled and controlled drugs. With dedicated warehousing, quality assurance and pharmacovigilance facilities in place, we ensure the efficient distribution of good quality drugs that are constantly monitored for safety and quality. Our extended associations in the Middle East Market helps you channelize your product through the right part and carry out distributions that are well-regulated and widespread.

Operations and Activities

Pharma Solutions extend its activities for local sales and distribution, regional development and marketing, and global supplies and distributions.
Local Operations

Our local operations include sales and distributions facilitated by Pharma Solution’s local Business Unit. We collaborate effectively to network with various government and private sector hospitals. With healthy networking strategies and vast affiliations, we are contracted with the Governments of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Federal Ministries, and plan your promotion promptly to penetrate the market. Our in house marketing team follows a marketing strategy which ensures that your products become well-listed in major public and private hospitals.

Regional Operations

For regional marketing and distribution, a due process of approval is undertaken before a brand is introduced to the local and regional market. We act as a marketing agent and master distributor for your brand to flourish in the GCC and MENA region. With a fool-proof strategy to market and distribute products in major hospitals, Pharma Solutions also has a sales team that extends thorough support at each step. Keeping a tab on all pharmaceutical industry developments, we cater to all sales based support in sync with marketing management.

Global Operations

Our operations are not limited to the regional sectors but also expand to a global level of supplies where a dedicated Pharma Solutions business unit operates as the source and supply of drugs through contacts that we have ascertained worldwide. With our organization already serving several government institutions, we can cater to urgent requirements of difficult to procure drugs, non-licensed drugs or those that observe a shortage or emergency. Pharma Solutions has a widespread reach and understanding within the global pharmaceutical industry, and hence offers premium services at the global level.

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