Drug Name Therapeutic Indications
Cypress – Tablets Contraceptive
Daisy 30 – Tablets Contraceptive
Yanci 20 – Tablets Contraceptive
Yanci 30 – Tablets Contraceptive
Deltyba (Delamanid)  – Film coated Tablets MD-TB  (Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis)
 Leuprorelin 10.72mg – Implant Oncology (Breast and Prostate cancer)
Dacin (Dacarbazine)100mg and 200mg – Injection Oncology
Irofin (Deferiprone)500mg – Film coated Tablets Iron chelating agent
Pataxel (Paclitaxel)30mg, 100mg & 300mg injection vial – Injection Oncology
Gemnil (Gemcitabine)200mg & 1gm injection Vial – Injection Oncology
Iritec (Irinotecan)40mg/2ml & 100mg/5ml – Injection Treat colon cancer, and small cell lung cancer.