VASOSTRICT® Vasopressin 20 units/ml vials

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Name VASOSTRICT® Vasopressin 20 units/ml vials
Description At therapeutic doses exogenous vasopressin elicits a vasoconstrictive effect in most vascular beds including the splanchnic, renal and cutaneous circulation. In addition, vasopressin at pressor doses triggers contractions of smooth muscles in the gastrointestinal tract mediated by muscular V1 -receptors and release of prolactin and ACTH via V3 receptors. At lower concentrations typical for the antidiuretic hormone vasopressin inhibits water diuresis via renal V2 receptors. In patients with vasodilatory shock vasopressin in therapeutic doses increases systemic vascular resistance and mean arterial blood pressure and reduces the dose requirements for norepinephrine. Vasopressin tends to decrease heart rate and cardiac output. The pressor effect is proportional to the infusion rate of exogenous vasopressin. Onset of the pressor effect of vasopressin is rapid, and the peak effect occurs within 15 minutes. After stopping the infusion the pressor effect fades within 20 minutes. There is no evidence for tachyphylaxis or tolerance to the pressor effect of vasopressin in patients.
Active Ingredient vasopressin
Indication Vasostrict® is indicated to increase blood pressure in adults with vasodilatory shock (e.g., post cardiotomy or sepsis) who remain hypotensive despite fluids and catecholamines.
Strengths Injection: 20 units per mL; packaged as 1 mL per vial