Cancer Myths

Common Cancer Myths And Misconceptions Debunked

Cancer is the most deadly disease and can occur anywhere in the body and spread further without showing any symptoms. 

In 2020, there were about an estimated 18.1 million cancer cases globally. 

As per Globocan 2020 data, there were about 4807 new cancer cases with 1896 casualties in the UAE alone. The fight against cancer is long, and the UAE government is taking charge in their quest for a cancer-free world.


But do you know what’s even deadlier?

Preconceived notions and myths around cancer can spread like wildfire, which can be way more fatal than the disease itself.

Today’s blog will bust several myths about cancer in detail that can lead to needless anxiety. Let’s look at some common myths about cancer.


Debunking Cancer Myths And Misconceptions


Myth 1: Cancer means the end of the world

Fact: Cancer can be fatal, but that doesn’t mean it is always. It is not a death sentence, nor does it lead to death, always. With emerging technologies, experts are finding better ways to tackle cancer while focusing on and promoting early and accurate cancer diagnosis.

Myth 1 Cancer means the end of the world


Myth 2: Cancer is contagious

Fact: This remains one of the most widely spread myths worldwide.

Cancer cannot be spread from one person to another unless a person has undergone organ or tissue transplantation. The individual could be at increased risk of developing transplant-related cancer in the foreseeable future. The chances could be low since doctors like to avoid carrying out organ/tissue transplantation from a donor with a cancer history.

Myth 2 Cancer is contagious


Myth 3: All cancer cases are hereditary

Fact: Not all cancer cases are linked to the genes we inherit from our parents; approximately only 10% of cancer cases worldwide can be attributed to genetic defects. 

Hereditary breast and ovarian cancers originate from gene mutations called BRCA1 and BRCA2. A simple test can show if a woman carries these genes. 

If specific genes put an individual at risk of cancer, the doctor may recommend the necessary treatment and give medications to reduce the chances. 


Myth 4: Eating sugar will make cancer worse

Fact: To date, no evidence suggests that eating sugar or artificial sweeteners will have a disastrous impact or make it way worse. Sugar is necessary, and every cell in the body requires blood sugar (glucose) for energy. However, that doesn’t mean that eating sugar will push cancer to spread further or that eating less will shrink it or disappear. 

Limiting sugar intake will only help an individual lead a healthy lifestyle.

Myth 4 Eating sugar will make cancer worse


Myth 5: Cancer treatments can result in death

Fact: Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy are life-saving therapies with numerous unpleasant side effects, such as severe nausea, vomiting and hair loss. The doctor recommends treatments as per the cancer stage, determining where all cancer has spread from where it originated.

Such misconceptions around cancer cause more harm than good, more trauma than the disease itself. Therefore, it is critical to talk to an expert before coming to a particular conclusion or forming any perception. 

Myth 5 Cancer treatments can result in death



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