Irofin®(Deferiprone) - 500 mg

Deferiprone Lipomed contains the active substance deferiprone.

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Name Irofin®
Description Deferiprone Lipomed contains the active substance deferiprone, which removes excess iron from the body; it is therefore called an iron chelating agent (ATC code: V03AC02). Deferiprone Lipomed is a cost-effective generic of deferiprone. The active substance is deferiprone (3-hydroxy-1,2-dimethylpyridin-4-one), a bidentate ligand which binds to iron in a 3:1 molar ratio.
Active Ingredient Deferiprone
Indication Deferiprone Lipomed monotherapy is indicated for the treatment of iron overload in patients with thalassaemia major when current chelation therapy is contraindicated or inadequate.
Strengths 500 mg
Business Partner Lipomed
Origin Switzerland