Penthrox Inhaler

Inhaler used for self-administration of methoxyflurane for analgesia (relief of pain) to provide rapid onset of analgesia.

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Name Penthrox®
Description Penthrox® is a Powerful Analgesic. Inhalation leads to rapid onset of analgesia in 6-8 breaths. Used as an emergency analgesic since 1978 by Australian ambulance services. Dominates emergency analgesic market
Active Ingredient Methoxyflurane
Indication For use by children and adults for the self-administration of methoxyflurane for analgesia in emergency and remote settings.
A non-opioid alternative to morphine.
Strengths This portable, disposable, single-use inhaler device, is supplied along with a single 3 ml brown glass vial of Methoxyflurane
Regulatory Status TGA approved,UK MHRA approved, EMEA approved ( France, Belgium, Ireland).
Business Partner Medical Developments International
Origin Australia