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Pharma Solutions is on challenging but fulfilling mission to acquire products centred on the treatment of rare diseases and life saving treatments

When Khurshid Zaidi assumed the role as the Managing Director of Pharma Solutions, he merged his keen interest in pharmaceuticals with a passion for business to become a leader in the critical care sector within the medical industry.

“What truly prompted me to explore a specialised area in healthcare was my personal experience with a cancer patient in my family. I had witnessed how their health deteriorated, which made me realised that we cannot prevent certain diseases entirely, but how do we fight back? That is something that has been on my mind since then, and decided to focus extensively on cancer and identify related products to ease patients’ suffering,” he said.

Thus, Pharma Solutions LLC embarked on a challenging but fulfilling mission to acquire products centred on the treatment of rare and difficult diseases. Zaidi revealed that a majority of cancer surgeons and doctors in the region are now familiar with Pharma Solutions’ products and highly recommend them.

“We are a legal entity for pharmaceutical distribution and marketing, but we have quite a diversified portfolio in terms of our activities. At Pharma Solutions, we focus on items that undergo clinical trials. We source these finished products into the cancer segment and supply it to Clinical Research Organisation or Comparators, making us a part of the research process,” Zaidi said, adding that Pharma Solutions selects products that are oriented towards difficult areas, i.e., neurology, oncology, trauma and emergency, HIV, HPV, etc.

“In cases of certain rare diseases, they may not be widespread, but they do exist and a number of people do suffer from them. That is why I got myself involved in this niche of pharmaceutical solutions,” he said.

Sharing a strong resolve to treat emergency and trauma patients, Pharma Solutions registered Methoxyflurane inhaler, a unique product that is simply inhaled to give patients significant pain relief. According to the managing director, the formulary took two years in the making, but ambulances across the UAE currently utilise the product in daily cases.

“When it comes to product selection, we apply a bit of personal experience pharmaceutical application and regional need. Dubai has been a very good location to work in, thanks to convenient business access, good environment, etc. This has contributed well in the growth of our business,” said Zaidi.

Speaking about the organisations’ milestones, he pointed out the registration of products is a challenging task due to extensive regulations, however, in the last two years Pharma Solutions LLC successfully registered 18 molecules in the UAE.

Additionally, our Regulatory /pharmaceutical specialists have officially registered a presence in 11 countries, which includes the six GCC countries, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon, and Syria. Their products are also listed in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation’s set of recommended items during emergency crisis situations, a significant achievement that helped create a brand name.

With an organic growth of 45 per cent in the last three years complemented by global presence, Zaidi hopes to diversify Pharma Solutions with super speciality products in the near future.

“Our personal mission is to get involved in super speciality neurology products, which is in the research phase right now. There are many patients suffering from abnormal kind of neurology diseases, so we want to explore this sector. My next mission is also to acquire an effective product for thalassemia, notably targeted at paediatric patients,” he concluded.

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