What Are The Requirements For Pharmaceutical Products To Be Registered In The UAE?

The UAE’s economy is vast and competitive. It is a dynamic market growing exponentially, and the government’s farsighted vision has improved the healthcare sector, with infrastructure being the main focus.


The UAE has taken center stage in the healthcare space, and the country’s pharmaceutical industry is rapidly evolving as one of the most robust globally. The UAE has become a regional pharma hub with government regulations and legal reforms. 


Pharmaceuticals play a pivotal role in delivering effective patient care services. According to a report, the UAE’s pharma market is anticipated to grow by 27% between 2021 and 2025. The local pharma market is also expected to reach $4.7 billion by 2025.


Several pharma giants eye the UAE market to expand their services. However, like in any other country, there are specific rules and regulations that companies need to adhere to. 

In addition, there are specific requirements that companies need to fulfill for pharmaceutical product registration in UAE.


Businesses need permission to sell, import, and market a product from the regulating bodies, which is, in this case, the Ministry of Health and Prevention.


Let’s understand it further.


The Prerequisites

  • The Marketing Authorization Holder companies must be registered with the Ministry of Health and Prevention before registering their products.
  • Companies must have a medical warehouse licensed by the Ministry of Health and need to have a valid license.


pharmaceutical product registration in uae


Steps To Follow

  • Register your account on the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP).
  • Fill in all the necessary details of the pharma product, pay the fees, proceed further, and submit the application.
  • Technical committees deliberate and, after that, forward their recommendations to the competent ministerial committee.
  • The company must follow up with the Pharmacological Analysis Section at the Drug Department.
  • Company then needs to submit all the requirements after completion.
  • The technical committee gives the go-ahead to the product registration after re-deliberating the submission.
  • The Ministry issues certificates (5 years validity) for the registration of products once all the criteria/conditions are met.
  • Certificates for locally manufactured pharma products are only valid for one year.

pharmaceutical product registration in uae


Conditions And Requirements For Pharmaceutical Product Registration In UAE

  • A pharmaceutical product/ free sale certificate issued by the authority from the country of origin must have relevant information about the product’s brand name with a formulation containing active and inactive substances.
  • Name and company address entitled with marketing/manufacturing rights.
  • Information on the product’s shelf life and storage conditions
  • A confirmation letter that the product has been sold for two years in the country of origin.
  • Three authentic product samples.
  • Approved internet leaflet certified by the competent authority.
  • Leaflet stamped by the company and signed by the authority.
  • A halal certificate issued by certified authorities/ organizations.
  • Company confirmation that the product is free of hormones, heavy metals, antibiotics, steroids, pig derivatives and other natural or chemical substances that harm humans.
  • In case the animal derivatives are used, the company must mention the animal type, the part extracted, and the percentage of alcohol (if it was used and why).


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