World Pharmacist Day 2022

World Pharmacist Day 2022: Recognizing The Contributions Of Pharmacists’ Toward A Healthy Nation

The global pharmaceutical industry has witnessed remarkable growth, and the revenue is projected to reach US$1,109.00bn in 2022.

The healthcare industry has witnessed outstanding growth over the past few decades. An integral part of the healthcare industry, the pharmaceutical sector globally has zoomed past its targets.

World Pharmacists Day is observed every year on the 25th of September, and the theme for 2022 is “Pharmacy united in action for a healthier world”.

In the blog today, we’ll take you through some of the most well-known pharmacists and the primary duties of being a pharmacist. We’ll also take a deep dive and reflect on the growth of the UAE’s pharmaceutical industry and how it is trying to position itself on the global map.


The Most Renowned Pharmacists 

William Procter, Jr (1817- 1874)

Father of a modern pharmacy, he was well-known for his work on the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP).

Dr Charles Rice (1841–1901)

He was known as the creator of the Modern Scientific Pharmacopoeia and the Father of the National formulary.

Sir Alexander Fleming (1881–1955)

He was famously known for discovering penicillin, the world’s first broad-spectrum antibiotic compound.

John S. Pemberton (1831–1888)

Well-known as the inventor of Coca-Cola, he created the drink to counteract his morphine addiction.


These pharmacists may have invented different things, but one common thing is the essential duties they must abide by as part of their profession. Let’s take a look at the fundamental responsibilities of a pharmacist.


Fundamental Duties Of A Pharmacist

The role of the pharmacist in the healthcare system typically includes:

  • Check prescriptions from doctors before handing them over to the patients.
  • Ensure that patients receive the right drug.
  • Educating patients and advising them about the potential side effects of the medicines.
  • Essential record-keeping and administrative tasks, as required.

From the primary responsibilities of a pharmacist to the exponential growth charts that the pharmaceutical industry has been a part of, let’s understand how it all began for the UAE pharma industry and where it stands now.

World Pharmacist Day 2022


Pharmaceutical Industry In The UAE

The pharma market is witnessing spectacular growth charts globally, and the UAE, on the other hand, is redefining the pharmaceutical landscape. Strategically positioned, the UAE continues to remain a magnet for investors globally. 

World Pharmacist Day 2022


How It All Began?

Since the early 1980s, the United Arab Emirates has been continuously working towards building a significant pharmaceutical manufacturing base. 

The UAE’s pharma journey began in 1980 with the establishment of Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries, known as Julphar, in the Emirate of Ras Al‐Khaimah and expanded further in the forthcoming years. 

Further, pharmacy education in the UAE began with the foundation of Dubai Pharmacy College in 1992, followed by others.

World Pharmacist Day 2022


UAE Pharma Industry in 2022 & The Future

The UAE imports about 80% of its pharma products but is leaving no stone unturned to boost its local manufacturing capabilities to reduce costs and ensure steady supplies. 

As the UAE continues strengthening its ground to become a regional pharma centre, the market is estimated to grow by 27% between 2021 and 2025. 

The local pharma sector has snowballed and is expected to reach $4.7 billion by 2025. The UAE plans to grow its pharma export market to about $297 million by 2025. 

These statistics reflect how the UAE is moving from strength to strength and making all efforts to grow its domestic pharmaceutical market.

There are multiple healthcare institutions in the UAE, divided between the government and private sector, and about 7930 pharmacists (1814 government and 6116 private) are part of the UAE industry.

In a nutshell, the UAE government institutions are working toward building and strengthening their domestic pharmaceutical market with policy, regulation and strategic collaboration with the private sector.

World Pharmacist Day 2022



On World Pharmacist Day, we at Pharma Solutions continue to strengthen and take forward the industry as we pledge to keep the interest of patients above all.

As part of this vast-scale industry, Pharma Solutions has been helping numerous global pharma companies to enter and strengthen their base in the UAE. 

In our previous blog, we gave a detailed outline of how the UAE is an ideal destination for pharmaceutical companies.

With commercial activities in 14+ countries of the GCC and MENA region, Pharma Solutions aims to provide effective solutions to businesses wanting to expand their reach and be a part of a rapidly growing economy. To know more about us you can contact to Peter Perish.

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